So, my husband and I have discussed and agreed to completely change our menu.  I’m going to attempt to blog about each new dish we try.  Tonight was Cilantro -Pesto Chicken, brown rice and a yummy fresh salad.  But really, I’m only here to talk about the chicken.  Can I just say, it was absolutely FABULOUS!?!?  It was so fresh, easy and YUMMY.  LOVED IT.  It was a big hit here.  The recipe was from a box of recipe cards I bought from Sandra Lee… You know, Semi-Homemade on Food Network?  Well, let’s get on to business.  Gotta get this typed up and watch Fireproof with my hubby.  We saw it in the theater a few months ago – FABULOUS!  But that’s another post for another day.  🙂  So, let’s begin!

january-30-2009-116Right here you see 1 package of chicken, 1 bunch of cilantro (fresh, of course), pine nuts, lemon pepper, minced garlic, chicken broth, olive oil and what’s missing?  Oh yes… lemon juice.


First up is the pesto.  EASY PEASY RICE AND CHEESY!  Seriously.  First, toast the pine nuts – about4 tablespoons.  Stick them in a small pan on med-high heat for just a couple minutes and toss and turn.


Next up, chop off the leaves of the bunch of cilantro and toss into the food processor (or blender).  Next dump in 1/4 cup chicken broth, 2 teaspoons of olive oil, 2 teaspoons of lemon juice, 1 spoon (like a soup spoon) of garlic (I always put way more in then recipes call for… I love garlic) and toasted pine nuts.


Now, put the lid on and pulse several times.


When you’re done pulsing you’ll get this:


Next up, we’re going to do a few things.  First, I like to trim the fat off of the chicken, wash it, etc.  Second, I cut each breast in half.  Third, I pound the stinkers out!  It helps for a more even cook. 😉


Once you’re done pounding, set the broiler on high and make sure to put the rack on the top thingy.  Now, on your broiler pan, place the chicken pieces.  Brush each side w/ olive oil then sprinkle lemon pepper on both sides.


Place chicken on the top rack and broil for 6 minutes.  When the six minutes are up, flip and broil for another six minutes.  Please make sure your chicken has an internal temp of  170 degrees before eating. 😉  When the chicken’s done, place on a plate and spoon the pesto over the chicken.


And if you have kids … I put it on the side so they could try it but not necessarily HAVE to have it …


ENJOY!  If you try this and like it, please let me know!