So here I was going to write out this huge long post complaining about the worst move ever.  Instead, I’d like to just praise God.  He has never let us down.  There has been and will always be bumps in the road – but from beginning to end – God is so good.

We have a roof over our head because God is so good.

We didn’t have to pay for damages to a Penske truck because God is so good.

We only have to pay two days worth of rent to this housing because God is so good.

We only owe $42 in damages to the other housing because God is so good.

We moved in 2 days because God is so good.

So, here’s something to ponder.  Really really ponder this.  Is all of our complaining REALLY worth it?  REALLY!?  Probably not.  God gives and takes what He wants, when He wants.  Why?  Because everything He does glorifies Him.  I’m probably the biggest complainer on the face of the planet.  But when I look back, even on this move, here is my family … happy, healthy, together … in a home God provided, wearing clothes God provided, eating food God provided.  I honestly don’t have anything to complain about.  God is so GOOD.

So honestly think about what you’re complaining about next time.  Is it worth it?  Does that glorify our Father?  Probably not.

Remember too, God is in control.  I have a hard time with that on a daily basis.  But He is and we’ll never make it through life if we keep trying to take or keep control that honestly, we don’t have in the first place.  Let the burden’s go and give your life to Christ.

Happy New Year!