I think I seriously need more to talk about!  Or maybe things need to slow down a bit around here.  I dunno which?  So let’s see if I can sum up the last few weeks in a nutshell…

The week of Thanksgiving, some dear friends of our’s came down from NY.  We had a lovely meal on Thanksgiving day then went to the beach on Friday.  We had such a blast when they came down!  It just made me wish we didn’t have to leave NY all over again, though.

Things did slow down a bit after that but then picked back up.  We have been busy with the normal Christmas shopping, clothes shopping (for pictures) and just plain preparing for Christmas.  Jason also started working nights this week, so we’re trying to adjust to a different schedule.

Tomorrow, Jason and I will celebrate nine wonderful years together.  I just love that man.  I can’t believe everything the Lord has done in our life to make our marriage just THAT much better!  Here’s to 9+ more years, my love!

Okay – that all doesn’t really seem like that much, does it?  Ha ha ha.  Well, here’s a bit more…  We have only been here for about 7 months and more likely than not, next month we’ll be moving already.  Not too far – just an hour down the road.  We’re actually excited about it as this is where we wanted to go all along.  But we’re having a hard time just sitting and waiting for the orders…  But, life goes on!  🙂

Hmmm – anything else?  I can’t think of anything.  So, I’ll leave you with our family pictures we got done on Saturday.  🙂