So our pup is gone.  Yes, we only had her for 11 days.  The family’s sad but we’re getting over it.  Last Friday (a week from tomorrow), Sadie started to vomit.  At first we couldn’t figure out the problem.  She continued to throw up and have bad diarrhea all weekend.  This puppy lost her whole pot belly in a matter of ONE day.  😦  Anyway, we tried using children’s medicine syringes to pump water down her, chicken broth for food/calories, and none of it seemed to work.  She just continued to vomit everything back up.  So anyway, Jason made an executive decision Monday morning to take her to the humane society and have her put to sleep.  The costs of getting medical attention would have been too much and at that point, survival was very unlikely.  So anyway, it turns out our precious, cute, loveable Sadie had parvo.

If your puppy has parvo and dies … here are a few tips we learned from the vet.  First – don’t get another puppy for at least a year.  Parvo can live that long in your house.  Unfortunately, you can bleach your furniture and carpeting, so there’s no way to prevent future pups from getting it.  Also, if you do get a puppy a year later, spray your lawn down w/ a 32 part water/1 part bleach solution.  Yes, it will kill your lawn, but I’d rather that then a dead puppy.  Don’t take your puppy to dog parks or allow him to play with other puppies until at least 3 weeks after the final distemper/parvo shot.  That will be about five months of age.  And ALWAYS REMEMBER – GET THE IMMUNIZATIONS IN YOUR PUPPY!!!!  Just by doing these few things, you can be pretty sure that your precious puppy will not get sick.  🙂