Yes, I’m blogging twice today.  Why?  Because I want to and it’s my blog – so THERE!  :giggle:

So anyway.  As you’ve seen, I have three children.  They’re great kids.  I hate laundry.  So what’s my remedy?  Have the kids separate laundry, switch loads, I would fold clothes and they’d put their’s away … but now, they’ll fold their own clothes.  About a week ago, my five year old went through my laundry baskets of clean clothes, picked out her clothes, folded them and put them away.  So this morning as I looked at my million baskets filled w/ clean laundry and I thought to myself, “Self.  If Kylie can pick out her clothes, fold them and put them away… why can’t they all?”  So, that’s what they did.  What’s better!?  They did it CHEERFULLY.  Not only did they do it cheerfully … but that sat in my living room gabbing away about the world or whatever while getting their laundry folded and now put away.  Anyway – I just thought I’d brag on my kids!  I don’t know why people think kids shouldn’t have chores!  No wonder so many mamas are SO exhausted all the time!