My husband and I have been very worried about our daughter.  When she gets a bug bite, it swells up like crazy.  She’s also like a human bug lamp.  If that child goes outside for 2 minutes, she’s been attacked at least 3 times already.

So, yesterday morning…  We wake up, get dressed, eat breakfast and start school.  Kylie thinks she has bug bites all over her legs and asks me to please put the itchy gel on her.  Okay, so I take a look at her legs.  Oh. My. Gosh.  This child is covered in spider bites?  Ha ha, I learned it was hives.  But in my defense, I have never seen hives before!  I really truly thought that she had been attacked by like a colony of spiders!  Her legs and arms were covered.  OH and she had some spots on her tush too.  So anyway, my husband comes home from work and she and I head to the ER.

At the ER, we have to check in, of course.  I go to the window.  (This guy I’m about to speak of was not a medical professional – but merely a secretary.)

Him:  What are you here for?

Me:  It appears that my daughter has been eaten alive by spiders.

Can I see your military ID, please?

Me:  Sure.  *Shows ID through window pocket of wallet.*

Him:  You need to take that out so I can see the back.

Me:  It’s not budging.  *I’m VERY frustrated at this point – almost to tears.*  You know, I don’t appreciate being laughed at.  This situation isn’t funny in the slightest.

Him:  I wasn’t laughing at you, merely explaining that spiders don’t do that.

Me:  You were most certainly laughing at me.  I’m extremely concerned about my daughter right now.

Him:  I was just trying to make light of the situation.

UGH!  To me, this was neither the time nor the place to ‘make light of a situation.’  I was sincerely frustrated and concerned for my daughter.  I could have slapped him.  Good thing I’m not violent, right?

So anyway.  15 minutes into sitting in the waiting area, the ‘bites’ clear up completely.  It was SOOOO crazy!  I was completely flabbergasted.  Yes, I truly, 100% thought they were spider bites.  An hour later, we are finally led back to the room.  Another hour later, the doctor comes in, I explain, he probably thinks I’m a complete moron.  DUH.  Why didn’t I think it was hives?  DUH!  I.  should.  have.  known.  Silly me.  One track mind here.  She’s been bitten a lot lately so that was just my first instinct.

Lesson of the day:  Don’t always go w/ your first instinct.

So now, I have to figure out if this was a fluke or if there’s something she’s allergic too.  Great.  I’ll keep you updated.

Oh here are some pictures of her legs (I didn’t get pics of her arms):

Oh, and just a note.  I meant I’d be copying 3 posts, not 4.  😀