Well, we had our first day of real school on Tuesday (8/5).  I didn’t actually expect a full week of school this week as I hadn’t planned on starting until August 11th – and a full week of school we didn’t do.  Ha ha.  But in any case, Tuesday was our official first day of school for the ’08-09 school year.  We didn’t do a whole lot as I wasn’t really fully prepared.  The boys were both placed in their spelling.  I’m so excited to say that both of my boys are above their grade levels in spelling!  YAY!  We all completed handwriting and math.  Kylie also did her language and phonics.  It was a pretty decent first day.

Monday will start a FULL load.  That includes, spelling, writing, math, language, phonics (just Kylie), history, science, Bible, and I think that’s it…  The kids were SOOOOO excited to start school!  I’m ready for our full schedule.  Well, let me clarify.  I’m ready mentally, but not organizationally.  I still have to create a schedule, make copies of the boys grammar books and read through My Father’s World to be completely ready organizationally.  I also need a three ring hole puncher to save their work in binders.  Looks like we’ll be running to Wal-Mart this morning!

I hope everyone has a FANTASTIC weekend!  Let me leave you with some pictures of our first day:

My three kiddies:  Kylie, Connor and Zachary

Connor in the midst of his spelling placement test.

Zachary also in the midst of his spelling placement test

Kylie completing her handwriting

As Zachary started getting bigger numbers in math, he started to not have enough fingers.  So what’s the solution?  The solution is Jason teaching him to use fingers AND toes.  :giggle: